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Nanan's Tours Operators is one of the oldest Tour Companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Started in the early thirties under the guidance of Mr. Simon Oudit Nanan, this industry has grown slowly but surely into the most prominent outfit in the Tour business.

 With the growing concern for the protection of the environment and also for wildlife, a new concept of tourism was adopted. Nanan’s Tours Operators was the first to take the step into eco-tourism in Trinidad and Tobago; and this service has also been extended to other countries in the Caribbean and in Central and South America. Today, Nanan's Tours has at its helm Mr. Winston Nanan, son of Simon Oudit. Under Winston's dynamic leadership, guides are trained in the art of observation and a new attitude was developed. As a result, the company Nanan's Tours Operators, has gained international recognition.

 Winston Nanan of Trinidad, West Indies, is a superb birder with decades of experience in the Neotropics. Winston's reputation is built on his expertise in field identification and vocalization, and on the eloquence with which he shares his comprehensive knowledge of avian life. His professionalism and talent are singled out in William Murphy's book, A Birder's Guide to Trinidad and Tobago.

 A lifelong native of the Caribbean island, Winston is the acknowledged expert on the flora and fauna of the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad. He is equally familiar with the natural history of Trinidad's sister island, Tobago. Winston is the only native naturalist with a comprehensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of both islands, gleaned from a lifetime's experience.

 Winston’s proficiency extends far beyond Trinidad and Tobago, however. An accomplished wildlife photographer and cinematographer, Winston has conducted banding studies to monitor the movements of the Scarlet Ibis within the Neotropics. He has also documented, on film, the life cycle of the Gray (common) Potoo.